Five Friday Links: What is an Entrepreneur?


Happy Friday the 13th! We think today is an extra lucky day because we’re able to highlight three local entrepreneurs again. We love shining the light on these stories so if you have any others, please leave them in the comments below.

31 Canadian Coffee Shops to Visit before Your Die
We are so excited to see the BuzzFeed community choose two Winnipeg woman-owned coffee shops as Canada’s best independent coffee shops! Congratulations to Little Sister and Fools & Horses!

Photos from Oh Doughnuts’ Opening Morning
This is a photo essay of the prep-work that went into Oh Doughnuts’ grand opening. What a big job! We hear they were sold out by 12:30 and from the look of these photos, there was a line-up to get in. We love seeing the community support woman-owned businesses!

5 Useful Programs for Scheduling Social Media
It can be challenging to get your social media posts up while  running a business. If you’re not able to work with a social media coordinator, scheduling tools are really helpful! Read more to learn which program is best for you. We personally love Buffer!

What Exactly is an “Entrepreneur” and How Do You Become One Today?!
What is an entrepreneur? What do they do? How has technology changed entrepreneurship? This article is the 411 on entrepreneurship! Read the opinions of real entrepreneurs, gain free helpful resources and learn how you can run your own business, too.

Ready, Set, Go! What to Do Before You Write Your Business Plan
This helpful YouInc article provides you with some questions to ask yourself before even starting to write a business plan. We also suggest that you consider taking our free Welcome to Business seminar in preparation for writing your business plan and then when you’re ready, our Business Plan Development Workshop series. We’ll walk you through each component of the plan so you have a clear understanding of the work required.

Have a great weekend!