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December 11

Money and stress go hand in hand. No individual or business is immune to financial stress which can lead to a variety of challenges that can affect your overall quality of life including lack of sleep, irritability, depression and more. Brian will help guide us through some ideas on how to better prepare for your financial position in 2020! Brian Denysuik, President & CEO of Creditaid, is a compassionate and engaging presenter who loves to share his philosophy about money. He is a successful business leader who has over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is…

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Training & Events

We deliver a variety of training options and events that address the needs of women at various business stages.

Interactive, hands-on training is delivered by our staff or subject matter experts. Welcome to Business and the Business Plan Development Workshop Series are introductory sessions for women in the early stages of business planning and start-up. Other sessions focused on marketing, management and financial understanding have been designed to provide participants with information that can be immediately applied to the operation of their businesses.

Networking and professional development events provide women entrepreneurs with opportunities to enhance their knowledge and connect with other professional women.