What is Your Mantra?


Yes, I am a strong believer in talking to yourself – at least when it comes to positive self-talk. So many times we are not talking very nicely to ourselves. Having a go-to phrase in your head can help you with that. The word “mantra” is often used in the Western world to explain this type of activity although it has a much fuller and deeper meaning if you want to look into that further.

I loved, loved, loved this piece written by David Fielding who quotes author Adam Grant, “I’m a fan of the mantra ‘Give without remembering and receive without forgetting.’” What a powerful phrase, easy to embrace, challenging to live by and totally worth doing.

Grant’s mantra got me thinking about all of the help we receive from others at our places of business or work. Do you take time to give as much back? As the first person a customer sees when they walk through the door, do you ignore them because you are hurriedly trying finish something or because you aren’t the right person to help them? A simple and much better approach is to make eye contact, smile and say something – just a little something that makes them feel welcome. Perhaps an employee is frazzled trying to meet a deadline – could you take them a cup of tea or pick up their papers from the photocopier? There really are countless opportunities every day to ‘give without remembering’.

I have had many different mantras over the years and it is fun and inspiring to change them up. Just make certain that the self-talk is positive and that your actions reflect the boss, coworker or friend that you want to be. Call it ‘paying it forward’ or ‘doing the five-minute favour’ or using ‘words to live by’– these practices all give you that uplifting feeling and it will be noticed by others.

– Cindy Ruth