Why Investing in a Customer Relationship Management System is Good for Business


I spend a fair bit of time recording client information in our customer relationship management (CRM) database. While I sometimes get frustrated with the peculiarities of our particular system, I am constantly reminded how worthwhile this work really is.

With just a few key strokes I am able to see which business advisor a client is working with, which of our resources the client has used, and of course find their address, email or phone number should I need to contact them. Our system also produces valuable summaries and statistics related to the work done by our team which enables us to spot trends, manage day-to-day activities, or reallocate resources. The trick is ensuring that we all participate in collecting and keeping the information up-to-date.

Since your business is quite likely very different from the type of work we do at the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba, you may be wondering whether you even need a CRM system. I can’t stress enough the positive impact that a well-designed and well-used system can have on your business. Rather than simply processing transactions, collecting client data will help you learn more about your customers. Knowing where they live or work, their buying habits, and their favourite products or services, will help you make a variety of decisions related to marketing, inventory selection, staff planning and revenue projections. While it takes some effort to collect the data, once you have it, the decision-making process gets much easier.

Since there are many solutions on the market, be sure to do your research before choosing a system. The type of information you intend to collect will also be a factor in the system you select. Check out this blog from ‘crmsearch’ that provides the top five factors to consider when choosing a solution.

– Cathie Clement