Build a Better Version of Yourself

“People don’t just buy products. They buy better versions of themselves.” This thought-provoking statement made me curious to read the rest of Cendrine Marrouat’s book called The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences: Build Yours, Keep It, and Win.

If you’re like me, you’re asking yourself, “Why should I allocate time out of my already too-busy life to do this? Will social media marketing really make a difference in my business?”

As a business owner, you have a lot of “to-do’s” on your plate so it is absolutely in your best interest to question if social networking is an effective use of your time, just as you should question other activities in your business that take up your time.

Marrouat confirms that social media marketing is, or can be, a time consuming activity. But she reassures her readers that they “do not have to be everywhere”. Her recommendation? Start with one or two platforms.

Platforms are like shoes; there are hundreds of them out there (social media platforms that is, not platform shoes, just clarifying, for those of us who lived through the ‘70s). So how do you choose which ones to participate in? From a business perspective, you want to think about your target customers. What platforms are they on?

While Marrouat shares many helpful, practical tips on effectively managing your social media marketing activities, this is more than just another “how-to” book. And that’s what I like about it.

Marrouat illustrates how social media is more than just a set of marketing tools that can help you increase your sales.  She encourages readers to think of social networking as “bridges” that will allow you to connect with your audiences, with your potential customers.

I never thought I would come across a book that would include life lessons from Genesis, Ghandi and Fifty Shades of Grey all within one cover. But Marrouat has done just that in her entertaining and insightful way.

This book illustrated that social networking is a powerful, and should also be a positive, means of connecting and building relationships with people; that social media marketing is like an entrepreneur.

As Cendrine states in her book “Successful entrepreneurs don’t just create and sell products.” They sell opportunities for people to create better versions of themselves. Social networking is your opportunity to show that you care about more than just selling your products and services; that you care about your customers’ desires to achieve “better versions of themselves”.

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– Nancy Brommell