Should I Hire a Social Media Manager?

There inevitably comes a time in every entrepreneur’s career when they realize there just isn’t enough time to wear every hat. What most often drops off the list? Social media management. This is even truer if the business is just starting out, and the entrepreneur is not convinced of the return or not seeing enough progress on their social media accounts. At some point, the entrepreneur will re-visit their social media platforms and feel frustrated that they allowed them to remain stagnant and inactive. The solution? A social media manager. But when can you be sure your business has the means to hire one?

The Cost
Your social media is your brand, and it should be taken seriously. It may not be wise to hire your 16 year old niece or nephew to manage your social media. While they are most likely savvy on social media, they likely do not have the training to understand business marketing.

There are three options. You can work with an agency, a freelancer, or hire a social media manager to work full or part time in your office/work space. Call around to different agencies and put an ad up on a job website looking for a social media manager. You will be able to price check and see what is available. Remember, you get what you pay for. If someone offers to do a full social media campaign for you for $100 a month, it is likely they will not take (or have) the time to produce quality content and strategy.

What to Consider
It is important to create a detailed contract and understanding of what is expected of your social media manager. This is more imperative with the agency and freelancer option, because if you hire your own employee, there is more day-to-day communication.

  1. How much will they post per week?
  2. What platforms will they manage?
  3. Will they provide you with a report at the end of the month?
  4. Will they create a strategy (as opposed to posting aimlessly)?
  5. Will they do account management – ie, tasks outside of finding content and posting, such as engaging with the online community?
  6. Are they able to set up advertisements? Create graphics and social media skins?
  7. Do they understand your business and brand?
  8. What will YOUR responsibilities be? Do you need to provide them with day-to-day photos and activities? How will communication work?

You will have a team of experts working on your social media strategy

Cons: Higher costs and less of a one-on-one relationship. Most agencies will assign an account coordinator to do all communications with you, but if there is high turnover at the agency in this position, there may be less of a possibility to maintain a strong relationship, which can lead to frustration.

Lower costs and one-on-one relationship

Cons: They are not working in a team environment and may be isolated in what they can produce for you. Depending on what else they have on the go, they may not have the time to really be focused on your business. For example, if you’d like social media coverage of an event but they have a shift with their other part time gig during that time, they may not be able to attend.

They will be there to capture anything that happens at your business. There is a better relationship as they are focusing solely on your business through their entire workday.

Cons: Higher cost than a freelancer and you may have to provide them with the required equipment (ex: a computer, photoshop programs, and a camera).

Are you ready to hire a social media manager?