What Social Media Platform Should I Be Participating In?

My head might explode! I’ve spent a lot of time lately trying to decide which of the many social media offerings I should/could participate in. I’ve been a technology junkie for years and am always checking out new options and considering how they might be used as business or personal tools.

I was an early Facebook user, joined Google+ in its infancy, have a couple of years under my belt with LinkedIn and Pinterest, tried Instagram and recently joined Twitter.

But there are so many new ones out there! You’ll see why my head hurts when you see this Wikipedia list of Social Networking Websites which I sorted by Global Alexa page ranking. I was so relieved when I landed on this site.

I learn better by doing, so I have opened accounts on various sites so that I could test them out. Through the exploratory process, I’ve found a few tools that I like and my goal is to spend my time with these rather than trying to maintain accounts on whole bunch of platforms and never posting on any of them.

In short, I continue with the ones I like and let go of the ones I don’t. A year ago I began blogging on WordPress and have really enjoyed the daily experience of putting up a post with a picture. A few times each week I add something to Facebook. I’m on Pinterest every few days and update LinkedIn occasionally. Instagram gets my attention on rare occasions and am still trying to figure out where Twitter fits into the grand scheme.

I am really excited about the knowledge and experience that our new Social Media/Online Coordinator Breanne Sewards has brought to our team and I’ve already started picking her brain. It would be great to hear some of your favourite sites and how you make use of them.

– Cathie Clement