What I Learned

Breanne, our Social Media Coordinator, challenges us with thoughtful questions that become grist for the mill of her creative tweets and posts.  She is tapping into the collective consciousness of the Women’s Enterprise Centre, a pool both broad and deep.

Breanne’s most recent question is “What Have You Learned This Year?”

As always when writing these posts, I have to pour my thinking through the filter that defines the parameters of the corporate blog.  How can what we say be made useful to the people who use our services.  Does it illuminate a business issue?  Does it provide new business insights?  Will it be amusing, entertaining or educational?

I found that very hard to do with Breanne’s most recent question because what I learned this year was a result of intensely personal events.

It’s been a hard year of loss and challenge for a number of our staff and board members.  What I learned was that there is simply no replacement for kindness, thoughtfulness and caring in the workplace.  We have supported each other in large and small ways through some tough times and the result is that, I believe, we have created a very special culture that defines us as individuals and as an organization.  That’s reflected, of course, in how we view our jobs, how we interact with our clients, how we plan our events and activities.

I see in the people here, the ability to remain professional, respectful and highly competent; a very interesting mixture of grace, practicality, humour, and understanding that underscores the ability to support a client’s need for problem solving and vindication, sometimes as a coaching team, and sometimes in useful one-on-one advisory sessions.  This is, you understand, in addition to the high levels of knowledge and expertise that our work entails.

So, what did I learn this year?  I learned that any group that has the ability to create a working culture of mutual support, knowledge sharing, and genuine concern can accomplish great things.  Some say that this is the way that women do business.  I would hope that there is a universal aspect to all of this that translates simply as this is the right way to live and to work.

As we move into 2015, I wish for all of you a serene and beautiful year to come and the good fortune to always be surrounded by wonderful co-workers, staff, bosses, and boards that make your job a joy and your work a source of pride and blessing.

– Sandra Altner