WECM’s Newest Addition: Ashley Wood

Hello!Today marks the last day of my second week at WECM as the Social Media/Online Coordinator and I couldn’t be happier to be here. My journey to this role was an interesting one and I want to share a bit of the backstory with you.

Some of you may recognize me from my blog, Rae of Sunshine. A year ago, I started this blog as a hobby and after a few months, my readership and following had multiplied in size and I wanted to turn it into something more. Without a clue of how to do this, I started asking family and friends for some guidance to possibly show me the way.

A friend of mine advised me to attend the Welcome to Business seminar at the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba, a workshop she had attended before opening her business. I quickly became very excited about this and signed up for the next available spot.

When I attended the workshop, I had a certain business concept in mind that I had been stewing over for a few months. A few weeks after though, I decided against my concept and went back to the drawing board.

What to do?

I pondered, brainstormed, and pondered some more. One day I came up with another idea – one that I believed to be the golden ticket! So, I proceeded with step two at WECM and signed up for the Business Plan Writing series.

I was so excited to attend these classes. Being in a room filled with women who were so passionate about their business plan and truly wanted to make their dreams come true was the exact kind of energy and motivation I needed to be around. It was so refreshing! The most interesting thing happened while I was taking the course though – I changed my mind about my business concept.

One of the greatest parts about being surrounded by individuals who are working so hard to achieve their goals is that without even knowing it, they are also challenging your thinking. This course teaches you to think like a business owner and if there are any holes in your concept, this classroom is the place to not only discover them but also to fix them. After completing the workshop, my business plan was incomplete and I was pondering once again.

A few months went by and then one day, it was brought to my attention that WECM was hiring a Social Media/Online Coordinator. “This job is meant for me” I thought to myself “I have to apply for this.” And here I am.

WECM is such an amazing resource for any woman in Manitoba who is considering owning a business. I am the perfect example of someone who doesn’t exactly have their ideas together but gained so much insight, feedback, knowledge and support by attending their workshops. I am so proud and so excited to be working here because every day I am learning more and more from such smart and business savvy women while I sort out my plan. I look forward to connecting with you through social media and at the office and can’t wait to hear some of your stories!

– Ashley Wood