UPDATE to COVID-19 Response Taken by WECM

We are cautiously optimistic with the government’s decision to implement their first phase of restrictions being lifted effective Monday, May 4. The Centre’s response continues to be safety first as we move forward supporting our clients:

  •  We will remain closed to the public (couriers and deliveries must ring for access)
  • All of our client meetings will continue to be held virtually/remotely
  • We will adhere to a half-staff configuration in the offices at any one time (maximum seven people)
  • Onsite staff will continue to maintain social distance (no more than two people in the kitchen at the same time; wiping down of surfaces, handwashing and disinfecting to continue as COVID-19 protocol stipulates)
  • Away from work/office hours, we encourage staff to wear masks and gloves in public spaces and, of course, to maintain social distance so as not to potentially affect colleagues when in the office environs.