Time to stop thinking that it’s simply a matter of working harder.


Been in business for a while?

Working hard but feeling like you’re not making any money?

Generating revenues but find there is little left over after all the expenses are paid?

Do you want to grow your business but don’t know how to do so profitably?

Sign up for My Gold Mine (MGM), a program that helps women business owners work smarter not harder with the goal of greater business profitability.

MGM is based on the belief that business profitability is not obtained by simply earning more revenues. Just as gold is found hidden among rocks, profitability is found within the elements of a business’ finances. By understanding and assessing those financial elements, women business owners will discover their GOLD – strategies that are hidden within their business’ specific finances that can lead to greater profitability.

What is My Gold Mine (MGM)?

  • A computer application that WECM developed.
  • MGM includes an inventory management tool that has proven to be very valuable for manufacturing and retail business owners.
  • A learning tool that provides users with the opportunity to understand their financial information and how to use it to make effective business decisions.

How is it different from accounting software?

  • MGM is an educational financial analysis and planning tool that follows GAAP rules, without the depth of data-entry required by an accounting tool but still aligns with the business’ accounting and bookkeeping structures.
  • Complete with pop-up bubbles that provide specific financial information and tips, users learn about the various elements that make up their specific business’ finances, and how those elements impact each other and bottom-line profitability.

How is the program offered?

  • In a one-on-one format, you meet with a business advisor and are guided through the computer application utilizing your own numbers from your business’ past financial statements (up to five years).
  • Once you understand your business’ past financial information, you will be guided through the process of developing financial projections, utilizing your new found knowledge in combination with your business and marketing plans.
  • Meetings with your business advisor are usually two hours in length and are scheduled as per your needs and schedule.
  • You receive a binder of information and a copy of the MGM computer application, which you load onto your computer for your use during your one-on-one meetings and for your continued use after the meetings are finished.
  • Fee is $995 + GST.

Previous MGM clients identify the one-on-one consultation time with the business advisor where they assess and discuss their own financials (past and future) as the MOST VALUABLE element of the program.

WECM business advisors identify the business owner’s increased understanding of her financial statements and the confidence she gains regarding her business finances as a HUGE benefit of the program.

Want to hear first-hand from participants? Check out our video.

Time to stop thinking that it’s simply a matter of working harder. For more MGM program information and online registration, https://wecm.ca/my-goldmine/

Written by: Nancy Brommell, WECM Business Advisor and Export Expert Extraordinaire