Turning Points

This is my friend Jeannette - she marries and buries people.

Jeannette Brigit

Turning Points

“This is my friend Jeannette – she marries and buries people” is how Jeannette Brigit has been introduced.

Turning Points specializes in crafting and delivering custom ceremonies to honour and celebrate the turning points in a person’s life. “I help couples plan unique and personal wedding ceremonies and funeral celebrations. I work with the couple or families, listen to their stories and vision, and ask lots of questions to create a service that it is honest and authentic,” says Jeannette.

Jeannette was a long-time member of the clergy before deciding that it was time to try something new. “WECM really helped me to focus on what my business was going to be about. They worked with me to create a very realistic budget and were very good at asking the right questions so I could make better decisions. I also qualified for a loan through the Centre which meant that I didn’t have to spend my personal savings in the early days of starting the business.”

One of the most difficult challenges she faced was having to learn many new skills quickly. “When I began to understand what was involved in starting a business – marketing, selling, budgeting – it was overwhelming. It’s taken a lot of energy to learn what I needed to know to get my business off the ground.”

She also understands the value of networking. “You’ve got to get out there. Even when you don’t want to, or you’re tired, or it’s raining – you’ve got to get to networking events. I made myself do it and met some amazing people who wanted to help me. My biggest ‘aha’ moment was discovering the generosity within the business community. I had never been in the business world and was surprised that there were so many people who would give generously of their time and knowledge.”

Today, Jeannette’s business is growing and she’s optimistic about the future. “I love what I do and everything I’ve done to get here has been so worth it!”

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