Tiber River Naturals

Adriana DeLuca and Michelle Lalonde

Tiber River Naturals

Michelle Lalonde and Adriana DeLuca have joined forces to create one of the newest additions to trendy Academy Road. Tiber River Naturals is part Nail & Body Bar and part retailer. The fun mix of products and services is reflected in the names of some of the exotic treatments available – Mocchachino Manicure, Grape Fizz Pedicure, Grab Life by the Pomegranates facial line, or Dirty Boy spray on moisturizer for the guys.

Adriana was taught the ‘old ways and recipes’ by her Italian grandmother and Winnipeggers have been buying her hand made soaps and lotions at house parties and her previous store location for years.

Michelle, owner of the Osborne Village gift store ‘Thea‘, first met Adriana when she began carrying the products in the store.

Over time the demand for the products continued to grow. Michelle and Adriana saw an opportunity to join forces and have created the perfect partnership.

Opening night brought more than 200 people through the doors and it hasn’t slowed down since. The early success, has led to the hiring of estheticians and increasing the product line. Adriana has a passion for research and creating the product line while Michelle is a marketer at heart who knows the type of experience their customers are looking for. Together they are creating a unique shopping and pampering destination that is accessible to all.

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