Strength in Community Workshops Winter 2022

Are you a Manitoba female entrepreneur operating your business outside Winnipeg’s Perimeter Highway looking to build your business support network?

Engage with other women in business and get practical tools to support your personal and entrepreneurial journey at our upcoming Strength in Community Workshops!

During our interactive 6-week virtual program, you will meet with other women entrepreneurs in a facilitated workshop setting and participate in supportive dialogue and community building. This is your opportunity to step away from your business, develop new peer connections, learn how to set practical goals, and challenge yourself for growth.


What past participants are saying about the Strength in Community Workshops:

“Before the workshop I was developing my business but hardly feeling like an entrepreneur. Now I feel like an entrepreneur and that even if things don’t go as planned, I will always be this new shiny person. Grateful!”

“The topics we covered will be carried into my personal life as well. I am so grateful for experiencing the beautiful community of women entrepreneurs in the workshop and on the Mighty Networks platform.”

“Thank you so much for creating this opportunity for women business owners like myself!”


The Details

Together we will explore these engaging topics in our 6-week program:

  1. Building Strength in Community Through Positive Connections
    • Positive personal and business introductions
    • Defining your character strengths to support your business
    • Solidifying our group commitment to the program
  1. Connecting Your Business Passion and Crafting Your Why
    • Bring more energy to your business
    • Discover your guiding light statement to take you through any stage of your business development
    • Develop clarity and focus by defining your top values-based business passions
    • Create multi-sensory vision tools
  1. Using Goal Setting Science to Set the Stage for Success
    • Create a plan for your big business goal
    • Improve goal outcomes with science-backed goal boosters
    • Set up your accountability and plan for your wins
  1. Cultivating a Business-Growth Mindset
    • Learn how to overcome personal barriers to business success
    • Learn how to cultivate a successful business mindset
    • Identify what’s holding you back
  1. Growing Business Grit
    • Learn how to tap into your top strengths to build business grit
    • Learn the 4 steps for cultivating grit
    • Harness your passion to sustain you through ups and downs
    • Develop perseverance and positive habits for long-term growth
  1. Energizing Your Entrepreneur Experience
    • Align your entrepreneur tasks with your energizing strengths
    • Create a future vision for success
    • Bring it all together for the next steps in your entrepreneurial journey


Participants will also receive:

    1. A program workbook including personal and business-building templates, exercises, tools, and resources
    2. A journal to track your growth, reflections, and insights through the six weeks
    3. Access to one-on-one sessions with expert business advisors to support you as you build and implement your business strategy for growth
    4. Membership to our Strength in Community Mighty Networks platform including virtual classrooms, resource library, peer networking, ask an expert, entrepreneur profile directory, and more
    5. Access to Strength in Community Workshop’s alumni group and events

An application is required to ensure this high-commitment and major outcomes program is the right course for your business.


Apply for the Winter 2022 Strength in Community Workshops


Program Information

Introductory Course Cost: $129.00 + GST 

Please note there will be a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee that will hold your spot in the class. Payment options are available.

Current Market Value of this unique program: $1,497.00

Upcoming Winter Program Dates

Session 1: Building Strength in Community Through Positive Connections

Tuesday February 1 | 6:15-8:45PM

Session 2: Connecting Your Business Passion and Crafting Your Why

Tuesday February 8 | 6:15-8:15PM

Session 3: Using Goal Setting Science to Set the Stage for Success

Tuesday February 15 | 6:15-8:15PM

Session 4: Cultivating a Business-Growth Mindset

Tuesday February 22 | 6:15-8:15PM

Session 5: Growing Business Grit

Tuesday March 1 | 6:15-8:15PM

Session 6: Energizing Your Entrepreneur Experience

Tuesday March 8 | 6:15-8:45PM


All sessions held on Zoom


Deadline For Applications:

Monday January 24, 2022

Special Notes: 

This program is partially subsidized for Winter 2022 intakes in response to the needs of women entrepreneurs during COVID-19. Limited spots are available, so we recommend reserving your seat early.

Participants who who attend the majority of classes will receive a certificate of participation!



Apply for the Winter 2022 Strength in Community Workshops


What can you expect from the Strength in Community Workshops program?

This is a network-focused program for women who are ready to do the work on building their business and entrepreneurial mindset. This transformative opportunity will provide quality content and connections that will create a ripple effect in your life!

In This Program You Will: 

  • Discover your business strengths and build on these as you look at the challenges of day-to-day operations
  • Collaborate and network with peers, business advisors and experts
  • Learn strategies that can help you develop and nurture a growth mindset supporting you in making confident, informed decisions for yourself and your business
  • Get feedback on your ideas from a group of peers as well as business experts
  • Discover the “Why” of your business
  • Explore strategies on how to prioritize the changes you want to make in your business
  • Execute your strategy by developing and presenting a goal implementation plan to your peers
  • Measure your resultsand stay accountable to your own growth
  • Continue your connection and networking with peers across Manitoba with the Alumni community after the 6-week session is completed.


Program Criteria

The following criteria applies to all applicants to ensure our participants get the most out of this program. Applicants must:

  • Own a Manitoba-based business operating beyond the Winnipeg Perimeter Highway
  • Be interested in the stated goals and objectives of the program
  • Be willing to share perspectives and experiences with peers in the group
  • Have a computer with audio, a webcam, and reliable Internet access
  • Be able to dedicate time to both the pre-session work (~1 to 3 hours a week) as well as to the program sessions dates and
  • Be committed to work on your business and develop your leadership skills.

We hope you will join us on the inspiring Strength in Community Workshops journey and invite fellow women entrepreneurs in your community to sign up too!


Apply for the Winter 2022 Strength in Community Workshops

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Meet the facilitator

Get to know our facilitator, who will train and inspire you throughout the Strength in Community Workshops:

Susan Kuz is a positive psychology practitioner, coach, and instructional designer with a focus on positive mental wellbeing and personal growth. She has facilitated workshops, created programs, and coached clients since 2009.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (hons) with the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba as well as a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology with the Flourishing Center in New York City and is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach.

Susan is a certificated facilitator of The Passion Test; Type-Coach Communication System; Flourishing Skills Groups; Appreciation Languages in the Workplace. She is a graduate of the Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice program (Level 1 and 2) from the VIA Institute on Character.

Susan uses her expertise in positive psychology research and science-backed interventions, and her knowledge of adult learning theory and virtual facilitation to create programs that are fun to do, relevant to her audience, and have impactful results.

She is passionate about learning the newest and best tools for cultivating positive personal growth and navigating through personal and organizational change. She is committed to sharing her expertise with others through programs she creates which include Big Juicy Goals, Happy Up, Mindset Shift, Vitality Challenge, Blossoming When Life Gives You Lemons, Real-Time Resiliency, Beat the Winter Blues, the Power of Cultivating Character Strengths, My Life Reboot, and Positive Introductions for Teams.

She is the founder of Social(ish), an online course community designed to help adults move successfully through immense changes and create positive transformation in their lives.

Born in Iqaluit and raised in Manitoba, Susan spends her spare time reading, hiking, and enjoying cottage life on the shores of Lake Winnipeg with her family.



Susan Kuz, B.Comm, CAPP

Positive Psychology Practitioner


Phone: 204-801-4389


What past participants are saying about the Strength in Community Workshops:

“I enjoyed my learnings so much during the sessions that 2 hours never seemed like enough time!”

“These sessions were path changing for me. Over time as I develop the skills that Susan demonstrated in the six weeks of workshops, I know it will surely change my life and career as an entrepreneur. This opportunity is worth every penny!”

“I didn’t realize how much I was putting my business goals and passions on hold as a woman and busy mom. I joined these workshops on a whim because I was desperate for change, and it was a truly transformative experience. You won’t regret committing the energy to these heart-centred and foundational development sessions.”


Apply for the Winter 2022 Strength in Community Workshops