Staff Spotlight: Janis Lesko, Entrepreneur and Client Concierge

As a former business owner, are there resources you are aware of now that you wish had been available or that you had tapped into when you were running your business?
Technology has evolved tremendously since the ‘90’s.  What the internet is today is NOT what is was then.  So yes, this is a major resource that would have made a tremendous difference. The internet has made access to information incredibly easy compared to when I owned the business and, now with social media alone, a business owner can save a lot of money.

Is there one tool, resource or mentor that you wouldn’t have been able to live without when running your business?
I was fortunate to have a mentor who was always honest, up-front and very supportive. I accessed her knowledge many times and she appreciated that I was willing to listen.

I was also chairperson of the Business Women’s network which created a forum for many business women to share best practices, solve business dilemmas, create strategic marketing plans and become an integral part of the community. Every woman in the network appreciated the opportunity to share successes and fears. This created an environment of honesty and trust.

As an experienced entrepreneur, what advice would you give to someone just starting a business?
I think it is very important to know for sure that this is what you want to do. Do you have the passion, commitment, dedication and energy for this undertaking After you connect with an advisor who walks you through EVERY aspect of owning a business; ask yourself the question again.

Knowledge is power.  Take the time and energy to get all the information before you invest the time, energy and money that it takes to run a business. Most people think that owning a business is glamourous and exciting and many times it is. It is also hard work, long hours and at times, very stressful.

As a competitor in our Stepping Contest, what tips do you have for busy women who also like to be active?
If you are active, stay active. Be sure to make time for yourself.  New research is showing that mini workouts during the day can be as helpful as a 30 minute workout.  So do whatever you can even in short time periods.

We all spend too much time sitting at our computers which does nothing for our overall health, so any activity that we do will help to build strength and stamina and will benefit both our bodies and minds.

Our last Staff Spotlight, Breanne, asks: If you were able to start any business (regardless of start-up cost, etc), what kind of business would you start?
Now that I am older, IF I ventured into anything it would be working with plants and flowers. They make me happy. My goal would be to work in an environment that gives me peace and enjoyment and with something that can’t talk back.

What question should we ask the next Staff Spotlight?
How has working at the Women’s Enterprise Centre helped to boost your confidence and make you a better person?