After considerable thought, the Founders of the SHEday brand and its owner SHEACCELERATOR Inc. will not be bringing SHEday to the market in 2020.  SHEACCELERATOR and its founders Mary Jane Brownscombe and Marina James will continue to advance initiatives designed to accelerate the success and inclusion of women in leadership.

The success of SHEday in the past several years serves as proof that innovative experience designed for women is in high demand in Winnipeg.  Winnipeg has shown tremendous support for SHEday as an affordable, diverse and rich women-focused event.  Its success has resulted from a collaboration between entrepreneurs, innovators, government funded organizations and the private sector working together to close the gap in economic inclusion for women.

We thank RBC which played a key role in our ability to present this highly valued event and the many sponsors and in-kind supporters that allowed us to build an initiative that touched so many people.

The Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba will continue to present events that celebrate women’s entrepreneurship and economic achievement through leadership.  Please sign up for our newsletter to keep apprised of events and opportunities that we and our many colleagues and partners, such as SHEACCELERATOR, will be providing in the months to come.

For further information, please go to SHEACCELERATOR at