Reflecting on 2020…

As the 2021 horizon beckons, we invited staff members to look back over this past year and consider some positive takeaways, lessons learned, and what they were looking forward to in the New Year. Insightful thoughts were passed along and we wanted to share some of these personal reflections with our community of women business owners. We hope these words will inspire you to do some of your own personal reflecting and perhaps lend support to your ideas and goals brewing for the coming year!




Alanna Keefe – Director of Communications & Client Services

One positive thing that happened in 2020: This year has reminded me that difficult times show us the real face of life and the real face of people—my belief that we are a collective ‘one’ in this great experiment of life has never been stronger.

One lesson learned: Self-care is a priority, not a privilege…and we all should value ourselves sufficiently to keep it near the top of the list.

One thing I’m looking forward to in 2021: Being able to express my gratitude, love, and deep appreciation for those special people in my life (you know who you are) with an actual embrace, raised glass, and a shared meal at the same table!


Christine Vorrath – Business Advisor

One positive thing that happened in 2020:  The realization of what is truly important in life and focusing on the positives and things that are within my control.

One lesson learned: That we can still connect with one another while being apart and having to isolate, and how technology can help us do just that.

One thing I’m looking forward to in 2021: Starting 2021 revitalized and energized and full of hope.


Colleen Krebs – Manager of Business Services

One positive thing that happened in 2020: Completing all of the requirements to achieve my Master Certified Civility Trainer, ICTC status (only 16 Trainers Worldwide!!).

One positive thing that happened in 2020 (personal): My dad successfully survived dire emergency surgery and is now on the path to recovery. SO thankful for all of the dedicated Teams at HSC!

One lesson learned: In today’s age of technology and immediacy, the power of true connection still reigns. The power of voice and attention in a call truly shows a level of caring and support that stays and elevates the people around you.

One thing I’m looking forward to in 2021: Once again visiting and entertaining with those near and dear. Sitting around the table and enjoying everyone’s company and energy.


Heather Stephens – Loans Manager

One positive thing that happened in 2020: My family, including my work family, made it through the year without picking up COVID – and we are all still smiling!

One lesson learned: How much I appreciate all the front-line care givers – what a year it has been for them. I also have a great understanding and appreciation for technology. We can get things done no matter what!

One thing I’m looking forward to in 2021: Family gatherings, hugs, dinner with friends, backyard celebrations, vacations, and connecting with entrepreneurs in person.


Sandra Altner – Chief Executive Officer

One positive thing that happened in 2020: Some of our clients were able to reinvent themselves and their business models to succeed despite every obstacle, the huge impact of a global pandemic, and the challenges to small business.

One lesson learned: That resilience is more than just being able to bounce back from adversity, it also entails reaching out to others to both lend strength and ask for help when it is needed.

One thing I’m looking forward to in 2021: Re-establishing three dimensional real-time real-touch human connection from handshakes to hugs; travel to see dear ones; business resurgence for clients and friends. That’s three things but ok since I used semicolons!


Victoria Moss – Events & Marketing Coordinator

One positive thing that happened in 2020: I made it through unscathed working from home with two young kiddos and minimal support.

One lesson learned: The beauty of human connection and how there are always ways to communicate, reach out and support one another even if we can’t physically be near each other.

One thing I’m looking forward to in 2021: Renewed strength and energy to put towards my passion and goals this coming year. Also, getting to hug my people!


Yvonne Bayer-Cheung – Business Advisor

One positive thing that happened in 2020: I am so grateful that we were able to stay connected with each other via all the various technology tools like Facetime, Zoom and social media during COVID restrictions. Can you imagine if we had no Internet?

One lesson learned: We are far more resilient and resourceful than we give ourselves credit for.

One thing I’m looking forward to in 2021: Spending time with people in 3D and giving them a big hug!


Despite the overwhelming circumstances of 2020, the process of looking back on all that was faced, having the opportunity to remember our triumphs, and give our perspective on what’s to come was a way for us to close the chapter on an unforgettable year. We invite you to take your moment to slow down, breathe deeply, and reflect on the many inspiring, uplifting and teachable moments of the past year. With the knowledge gained, how will you show up for yourself and your business in 2021?

From our homes to yours this season. Happy Holidays from the WECM team!