PeerSpark™ is a mentorship program that unites successful women entrepreneurs in their efforts to build confidence, improve their business acumen and accelerate business success.

Participants develop their skills in an interactive setting, share experiences, build lasting relationships, and learn from experts. The PeerSpark™ community works collectively to help each participant overcome critical business challenges.


Peer Mentoring

Peer mentorship is a way for entrepreneurs to discuss their goals and challenges and to learn from each other. Unlike a traditional relationship between an experienced mentor and a junior mentee, peer mentorship takes place between people who have similar levels of expertise and similar concerns.

PeerSpark™ includes structured peer mentoring that provides you with regular supportive contact with others who care about you and your success. Discussing plans and tough decisions with the group gives you a fresh perspective and helps identify potential flaws in your strategy early on. The group setting also creates and strengthens networks and partnerships within the community.


Meeting Structure

Each monthly meeting will feature two components:

  1. Education – an expert will guide the group through the topic at hand and help you evaluate the information in relation to your own business;
  2. Peer mentorship – you will have the opportunity to share experiences and build relationships.

Each meeting is an opportunity to step away for an afternoon and work on the business instead of in the business. You will set a commitment after the meeting to work on an aspect of your business over the next month.


Topics Covered

  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning for growth
  • Financial planning for growth
  • Human resources
  • Strategic market positioning
  • Operations



The total cost of PeerSpark™ is $5000 + GST. This includes:

  • Two weekend retreats including food and lodging (travel costs are at the expense of the participant);
  • Six monthly meetings in Winnipeg;
  • Support and business advising with experts 


Participant’s Role

  • Attend all meetings on time and be ready to participate. This is so the group can build trust and benefit from your input.
  • Be willing to listen to the struggles and successes of your peers and lend your support.
  • Be willing to share your struggles and successes with your peers so that they can learn from your experiences and insights.


If you think you are ready for PeerSpark™, complete the online application form. If you are unsure whether your business is a good fit for the program, contact us. We would be happy to discuss the program with you further.

PeerSpark™ Application Form

Ready to apply?


In order to be considered for the program, you must:

  • Have a desire to grow your business and increase profitability;
  • Sell to other businesses (B2B);
  • Have a minimum of two employees (including yourself);
  • Have a minimum of $250,000 in annual sales;
  • Have been in business for more than two years;
  • Be willing to learn from and share with others; and
  • Commit to the program dates.

All of the following is required information.

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    Terms and Conditions

    I consent that the personal information noted above is required by PeerSpark™ for the purpose of contacting me regarding my application and updating me on news and events regarding PeerSpark™. By completing the participant application and checking the box below, I consent to PeerSpark™ collecting and using my personal information for the above stated purposes. My personal information will be disclosed to PeerSpark™ employees or affiliates only as necessary to meet the state purpose or as required by law.

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