My Gold Mine

My Gold Mine

My Gold Mine is an innovative financial management program created to help experienced entrepreneurs use their business financial information to make strategic growth decisions.

The program consists of a comprehensive financial template and in-depth one-on-one coaching using the entrepreneur’s own financial information to create a diagnostic analysis of the business. The package has proven to be very effective in helping entrepreneurs at all stages of business growth and in a cross-section of industries.

The team at the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba (WECM) developed this curriculum because we found that many of our clients were not ‘mining’ their business financial information to guide their growth management decisions.

My Gold Mine Overview
Since its introduction in 2012, My Gold Mine has been reviewed and refined to ensure that it provides the most benefit to women entrepreneurs who are poised for growth.

Program registration fee $995 + GST includes:

  • Comprehensive financial template
  • One-hour introductory session
  • Two-hour one-on-one meetings (three meetings for a total of six hours)

Introductory and one-on-one meetings
Each participant begins My Gold Mine with an introductory meeting with the My Gold Mine project manager. The hour long meeting will help us understand the current operating and financial practices in your business by reviewing the past two years of financial statements. We will also conduct a short SWOT analysis to identify any gaps or potential areas of concern. We will identify the areas where we will focus during the one-on-one meetings.

The One-on-One Meetings are customized to you and your business and will focus on implementing financial best practices, harmonizing your information systems (including accounting software, point of sale systems and planning tools) and increasing your comfort with your financial reports and information. This work will provide you with the knowledge and language to identify how your strategic financial decisions will impact your business.

The introductory and one-on-one appointments take place at:
Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba
100-207 Donald Street in Winnipeg

Learn more about My Gold Mine by watching our video and register for the program.