Meet Our Newest WECM Team Members

Change is afoot at the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba; as we are excited to announce three new staff members have joined our team!

We asked each new WECM staff to answer three questions so we can all get to know them a little better. Please join us in giving Megan and Claire (pictured) and Susan a big, warm welcome!




Megan Mosiuk – Client Services Administrator (Client Support)

Tell us who you are:

Hi everyone! My name is Megan, and I recently moved back to Winnipeg from Brandon to pursue this wonderful opportunity with WECM! To give you a little information about myself, I graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2019 with a degree in Athletic Therapy and am now a certified Athletic Therapist and First Responder. I enjoy using my education to provide medical coverage for sporting events in my free time and have worked at some super fun events in the past such as the Canada Games, Super Spike, and Slo-Pitch 4 a Wish! A few of my other hobbies include volleyball, hiking, weightlifting, and exploring new restaurants and shops.

What drew you to work for WECM?

After graduating from university, I found myself drawn to the non-profit sector because of my love of helping people. Non-profit work gave me a huge sense of fulfillment, as I feel like I am truly creating the change I want to see in the world. I was drawn to WECM specifically, as I am a feminist and was intrigued by the opportunity to be able to help female entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams of owning/growing their own businesses. I am very excited to be able to support them through their entrepreneurial journeys, and I can’t wait to learn more about WECM and our all of our fantastic clients!

What are three local women-owned businesses you will be supporting this summer?

Three local women-owned businesses I will be supporting this summer are Hike Manitoba for all of my hiking guide needs, Coal and Canary Candle Company to keep my apartment smelling fresh and clean, and Lineage House to make sure my hair looks great during my summer full of adventures!


Claire Normandeau – Client Services Administrator (Communications/Events)

Tell us who you are:

Hello! My name is Claire, and I recently joined the WECM team after working a term as an Intern with the Manitoba Legislative Assembly, where I previously spent 4 seasons as a Tour Guide. I have a degree in Political Science and French. I’m interested in art history, architecture, and language. In my spare time, I enjoy running, yoga, swimming, and spending time with family and friends.

What drew you to work for WECM?

When the opportunity presented itself, I was eager to work for WECM because I find everything that happens here truly inspiring. WECM helps women realize their dreams with all the right tools and supports, and I am honoured to work within an environment which helps women grow.

What are three local women-owned businesses you will be supporting this summer?

Little did I mention, another one of my hobbies includes entertaining (and supporting local businesses while doing so!) This summer, I will be shopping at Indigo Arrows and Up in Knots Macramé for all my home décor needs, and the Cheesemongers for a good spread when hosting dinners. I also look forward to discovering more of what Manitoba’s women-owned businesses have to offer through the season!


Susan Kuz – Strength in Community Workshop Facilitator

Tell us who you are:

I’m Susan Kuz, WECM’s new Strength in Community Workshop Facilitator. I’m a curious, creative, and lifelong learner, with an entrepreneurial spirit, so a great fit for this role. My passion for learning has taken me most recently to take a deep dive into positive psychology and adult learning theory and application. This means I’ve spent a ton of time learning about topics in personal and professional development, and holistic wellbeing so I can share what I’ve learned with others. I love designing programs to help adults create positive behavior change to reach their goals as they create more meaningful and purposeful lives.

In my spare time, I love to walk on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, especially the Grand Beach area, the sunsets are amazing.

My favorite summer reads are Stephen King novels and so far this year I’ve re-read The Stand and his most recent book, Later. Both are excellent but very different.

I’m a mom of two amazing young women, one who is diving into the entrepreneurial life, the other one is still in school and studying the effects of climate change. I’m also a host-mom to several teen women who have come to study and experience Canadian life. And I have a loving husband (also entrepreneur) who enjoys an active and outdoor lifestyle with me. You’ll often find us taking long walks and photographing clouds and sunsets along the way.

What drew you to work for WECM? 

I’ve been a client of WECM for years and love what they stand for (promoting, empowering, and educating women business owners).

I was drawn to this role because the project of leveling up the offerings for women outside of Winnipeg was very appealing, especially with my focus on positive psychology and adult learning. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and come from a small rural community, so being involved in the development of a community and course programming that serves this audience is very exciting.

One surprising thing few know about me…I was born in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

What are three local women-owned businesses you’ll be supporting this summer? 

This summer I’m supporting:

Tracy Koga owner of I Like Hue

Jodi Lee owner of Jodi Lee Nutrition

Monica White owner of Putter’s Dream Mini Golf


We are very excited for our newest additions to the WECM team and look forward to having their fresh perspectives as we continue our inspiring work to support women in business across Manitoba.