Just Get’Er Done!

There’s really no secret in terms of how to get things done…despite there being myriad resources to help people organize themselves, develop to-do lists, and create schedules for work progress.

I came across a comment recently that truly resonated with me and I’ve come back to it time and time again for its remarkable relevance in many areas of life:

“Getting started is the first step; picking up the pace is also highly recommended.”

Dan Swanson, an IT internal audit consultant, is the person behind the reference and I saw the brilliance of his words in action last night as part of a mentoring session with seven women entrepreneurs. The group was invited to come together in order to help one of the members assess her last several months’ experience so that she could assimilate the findings into a go-forward strategy for her business.

The evening’s conversation was inspiring, enlightening, uplifting, authentic and hugely informative for all in attendance—not just for the individual for whom the group was originally assembled. The process was fruitful, in part, because the focus of the meeting was understood by the participants; we had come together for a specific purpose and the timeframe was finite. In addition to that, every person in the room had valuable input that kept things moving in the right direction.

The group’s effective process could best be described as “directed self-reflection,” and I have little doubt we each saw the relevance of the lessons learned as they applied to our own lives and enterprises. My take-away from this experience was profound and speaks directly to Swanson’s recommendation for how to get things done. I’m committed to taking the approach of directed self-reflection to other aspects of my life by following these four key steps:

  • Establish clarity of purpose;
  • Explore vulnerabilities and self-sabotaging tendencies;
  • Identify motivating triggers for momentum; and
  • Determine what’s actionable.

 Ready, Set, Watch me GO!!

– Alanna Keefe