Instagram for Business, Part 2: Telling Your Story

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Every business has a story. You might believe that your company doesn’t belong on Instagram, or that your industry isn’t interesting enough. Think again. Most people will agree that the finance industry isn’t particularly thrilling, but American Express’s Instagram is one of the best examples redefining industry standards by creating a fun, dynamic and exciting feed (with ~43,000 followers too – not bad).

American express follows a consistent design for their feed, like we talked about last post, and successfully conveys a story. They mix business with pleasure, showing unique American Express credit card designs alongside restaurant suggestions and amazing graphics. They are creating the idea that their company is dynamic, progressive and anything but a boring and stagnant bank. It simply works.

If your company/business is something a little more dry (no offence to finance), strategize and brainstorm ways you can make it appealing and exciting to your audience – whether it be promoting your clients or showcasing the area of your city that you are located in.

If you are a retailer, the job is easy. For example, let’s say you are selling a new line of soap products made locally. What is your story? Well first, you can share pictures that convey a sense of friendliness and locality. You can show why your city is important and wonderful. You can showcase the scents of the soaps, the colours, and the branding. You can take a photo of yourself taking part in a local farmers market, or post an inspirational quote about healthy and beautiful skin. All of these things shape what your brand is about. Your story will entice users to click ‘follow’ when they may not have before.

Here’s another example of a business that does an amazing job at portraying a story: @shakeshack. Take a look at their feed and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what they are all about…All American food, community, dogs and happiness!