I’m not done with you yet…

Someone very dear to me once said that life is only about relationships —  everything else is just noise. As I get older, I am more and more convinced that he was very much on point. Everything that has mattered, and that means those things that live in memory and continue to give joy long after the event, everything has been about the relationships that I have found, or which have found me.

As I ready myself to depart from my leadership position at the Women’s Enterprise Centre, I am aware of the pending end to many of those relationships that I have been privileged to have experienced in my tenure here. The loss of those daily human connections will be the source of my sadness at leaving.

Will I miss the reports, the meetings, conferences, documentation, budgets, performance metrics, policies, etc.? No, I will certainly not.

What will I miss? The free-for-all conversations and brainstorming sessions that lead to ways to design a vision for women entrepreneurs and for women’s advancement in general. I will miss the discussion sessions with colleagues and collaborators in order to: design methodologies to put our ideas in motion; to find out what hasn’t been useful in the past and how to put that information to work; to find the best people and the best talent; to present training and to share knowledge that serves to train us as well; to learn to be better in the company of the best; to learn, even through conflict and heated discussion; and to deepen our relationships because of, not in spite of, the passionate convictions that we may not share but always respect.

Will I miss my colleagues, my collaborators, our clients, our presenters, our supporters, our champions, my fellow visionaries and determined doers? Yes, I will.  Terribly. The only way that I can take this next step with a glad heart is to envision new incarnations and ways of still staying in contact.

I am going to presume.

I will presume to connect back with you, whether to book a lunch, have a conversation, share a book or a joke. I might try to tempt you with a bit of a coaching adventure, pick your brain or ask for a quote. You may find me in your email asking your advice, suggesting a course, or inviting you to read a blog.

I’m not done with you yet…all you wonderful, brilliant, entertaining, quirky, savvy, artsy, challenging, wonderful people. We’re just starting a new chapter and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Hugs and blessings, thanks and gratitude, good wishes for serenity and productivity (the ultimate life/work balance), goodbye — and hello.