I AM LOVE Project – Canada Post Tales of Triumph Winner (Amy Tung)

Out of 500 businesses across Canada, I AM LOVE Project was chosen as one of three winners of the Canada Post Tales of Triumph contest.  

Founder/CEO and WECM client Amy Tung started I AM LOVE in 2018, crafting bracelets made from consciously sourced materials with a portion of proceeds being donated to non-profits, schools, and other charitable organizations.  

“Spreading love was always the goal. We believe everyone is worthy of love, should be loved, and feel love regardless of age, gender, or sex,” Amy said. 

Tales of Triumph is an annual contest that awards prize packages up to $20,000 in value to finalists and grand prize winners in three categories: Doing Good, Marketing Magic, and Rising Stars. As the 2022 Doing Good Grand Prize winner, Amy will receive thousands of dollars’ worth of advertising, expert coaching, and Canada Post marketing and business services.  

When Amy launched I AM LOVE, the bracelets she made were created as a “reminder for the wearer to align with their purpose and lead with intention, using the energy emanating from the stones.” 

By the start of 2020, business was growing, sales were snowballing, and support was flowing beyond what she could have ever imagined. Then Amy, like the rest of the world, was hit with the unexpected. All the momentum she’d achieved in two years came crashing to a halt.  

Amy decided to use the stillness created by the pandemic to dive even further into her mission and catapulted I AM LOVE down its next path: helping the community at a grassroots level. She pivoted.  

She pivoted her business from its fundraising-first model to a social model oriented around providing employment and skill-building for women facing employment barriers. 

In 2021, Amy was able to access a RRRF (Regional Relief and Recovery Fund) loan through WECM. 

“As a socially purposeful business and woman, I experienced a lot of pushback, especially regarding the financials,” Amy said. “The growth of I AM LOVE would not be possible without the strong partnership with WECM, and a team of advisors who understood my vision.” 

The I AM LOVE Project now supports women through training and community support. To accomplish this, 60% of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are handmade by those in Manitoba facing employment barriers, and 40% are imported for assembly. 


The project focuses on women who: 

  • Make less than $30,000 annually 
  • Experience mental health/addictions challenges 
  • Are on the Employment and Income Assistance Program, but need supplemental income 
  • Have a disability, are incarcerated, or are exposed to sexual abuse or domestic violence 
  • Need a sense of community and purpose 


“The [WECM] funding has allowed us to further share the stories of the women in our community – stories of confidence and self-worth,” Amy said. “By accessing the creative spirits and energies embedded in our community, we are able to build pathways that lead to a better quality of life.” 

Amy hopes to use the exposure from her win (keep your eyes peeled for I AM LOVE featured in newspapers, bus shelters, and billboards the next 30 days!) to spread the word about the Project’s new XOXO Sterling Silver Necklaces and Indigenous DIY Earring Kits 

“We have about 20 makers on the waiting list and we’re hoping to help them each earn an additional $500 this holiday season,” she says of the two new product lines.  

Amy’s next goal for I AM LOVE Project is to expand into more retailers in Manitoba. “That is what we want—more money to make more impact.” 

Read more about I AM LOVE Project and its life-changing impact on disadvantaged women and consider a DIY Earring Kit or an XOXO Sterling Silver Necklace when gift giving this holiday season.  

Congratulations, Amy!