Here’s to Mud in Your Eye

At 9:30 am on July 25, four hardy souls from the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba were lined up at the start for the 2015 Mud Hero Obstacle Course. We were excited and little bit nervous as we stretched and flexed on that steamy Saturday morning with temperatures inching toward 30° C.

The gun went off and we surged forward, knowing that 18 obstacles awaited us over the next 6 km. We had made a pact that no one would get left behind.

We encountered our first challenge less than half a kilometre into the run – it was a chest deep pit filled with thick and gooey mud. We slogged through and managed to make it to the other side where the real work began, climbing out! Your legs are leaden, you’re lucky if you still have both shoes and there are runners in front and behind, all pushing and pulling in their efforts to get just the right angle to pull themselves out of the pit. With a little group effort we managed to conquer obstacle #1.

Now caked in mud we jog toward the next challenge, a 20 foot high wall that we had to clamber over in our quest to be heroes. And so it continued for the next hour – we climbed and crawled and ran and laughed. We helped and encouraged each other along the way. There were high fives as we conquered our fears – heights for some, confined spaces for others.

As we were catching our breath on a rather uneventful flat stretch (our pace had slowed slightly and we could actually talk) that the four of us started to draw parallels between the mud run and entrepreneurship. Both are exciting and invigorating but at some point you wonder what you have gotten yourself into. Sometimes you feel like you are crawling through the muck and there are always obstacles that you have to overcome. Other times you think about giving up. Sometimes it’s just plain old fun.

Perhaps the most powerful message of all, you can do things alone but a supportive and knowledgeable team behind you makes the journey so much easier and more enjoyable.

– Alison Kirkland