Five Friday Links: Manitoba Florists Recognized!

fflSEPT2Happy Friday and welcome September! If you haven’t had a chance already, be sure to check out our What’s Coming Up in September blog to learn about all of the training, event and networking opportunities happening this month – there’s a lot of them!

We hope you have a relaxing and rejuvenating long weekend ahead. Here are some links to start it off:

Canada’s Most Beautiful Bouquets for 2016
WeddingBells Magazine has chosen twenty of the most beautiful floral bouquets in Canada and five of them are designed and made by Manitoba women! Congratulations to Oak & Lily, Fache Florals, Stonehouse Creative, Academy Florists and The Floral Fixx! Enjoy this link for gorgeous photos with pops of colour!

Canada is Cracking Down on Paid Social Media Endorsements
Bloggers and social media influencers, this link is important for you! In early 2017, Advertising Standards Canada will be releasing new (and very strict) guidelines that will require full disclosure of any paid endorsements or mentions of products and services. If this applies to you, take time to learn more to ensure you’re following the correct protocols.

Why Aren’t You Delegating?
For many entrepreneurs, their business is like their baby and they’re protective of it. This is a good thing but for those who tend to be overprotective, delegating may be a helpful (and underused) method to lighten the workload and lower the stress level. This Harvard Business Review article explains why delegating is important and how to avoid hoarding work.

4 Ways to Use Instagram’s New Stories Feature For Your Business
By this point, most Instagram users have the new ‘Stories’ function, a short video-sharing addition to the app that closely mimics Snapchat. If you’re using Instagram to promote your business, there are many ways this new feature can help you do so! Check out this Social Media Week article to learn how.

The Art Of Negotiation
It’s not always comfortable or fun to do, but negotiating is a regular part of doing business. Whether dealing with investors, suppliers, employees, landlords and/or customers, knowing how to successfully (and clearly) negotiate can help you and your business grow. This article provides tips on how to get the most out of your negotiations.

Have a great weekend!