Five Friday Links: Why You Can’t be an Entrepreneur for Other People

Happy Friday!

We’ve reached the end of a short and rainy week and have another list of inspiring links for your weekend reading. We hope you enjoy them!

4 Ways That Will Actually Get You to Wake Up Early
The early bird may catch the worm, but that snooze button is also far too easy to press. Check out these tips on how to wake up with ease and feeling refreshed on the morning of a job interview. Although entrepreneurs are the ones doing the hiring, these tips can be applied to business owners as well. If you consider yourself “not a morning person”, perhaps these tips will help you get an earlier start.

A Café Where You Can cuddle with Kittens: How these Entrepreneurs Brought their Dream to Life
Do you love cuddling cats while nibbling on fresh baking? If so, this story is for you. Meow Parlour, a cat café in New York City, offers customers the chance to cozy up with kitties while enjoying cat-shaped French macarons. Read more to learn about this unique business venture.

5 Signs You Could Be a Great Mentor (for Young Entrepreneurs)
Contrary to popular belief, mentorship is a is not just about the person being mentored. It is a relationship between two individuals who can both see valuable outcomes from the interactions. Do you have what it takes to become a great mentor? Check out this article to find out.

Which is Better, Exercising Before or After Work?
Physical activity may spark new ideas, increase energy and act as a mood booster for busy entrepreneurs, but with a jam-packed schedule when is the best time to fit in a workout? This article argues the pros and cons to morning and evening exercise.

What Blake Lively Has Learned from Her Critics: “You Can’t Be an Entrepreneur for Other People.”
After starring in many films and the hit television series, Gossip Girl, Blake Lively chose to follow her entrepreneurial passions and started an online company called Preserve. After the its launch she received negative attention from critics, bloggers and reviewers. In this article, Blake discusses how she’s handled online bashing and the lessons she’s learned since becoming an entrepreneur.

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– Ashley Wood