Five Friday Links: Time Saving Tools for E-Commerce Businesses


Happy Friday!
Although our list of links doesn’t contain any local stories this week, they’re all inspiring and helpful! We hope they provide you with some entertainment, knowledge and insight as you prepare for the weekend ahead.

How SoulCycle Built a Following Around Health and Fitness
SoulCycle hasn’t reached Canada yet, but it’s spreading like wild fire and creating a huge buzz in major American cities. So what makes them so successful? Co-owners Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler speak about the void they filled and what sets them apart from other spin classes.

7 Actionable Steps for Taking Your Business Full-Time
Calling it quits at a stable day-job and stepping into the entrepreneurship abyss is scary for most people. Lauren Hooker of Elle & Co took the leap during her husband’s first year of grad school when she was the sole income provider for her family. In this article, she provides 7 steps she believes are important for taking your business full time.

Time-Saving Tools for E-Commerce Businesses
From the outside, e-commerce businesses may look easier than running a bricks and mortar entity. In reality they require just as much, if not more work (factor in distribution.) This article from the Guardian provides helpful hints from social media to invoicing shortcuts that may save you time and make your world as an e-commerce business owner a bit easier.

How and Why You Should Think Beyond Your Blog if You Want to Monetize Your Site
Some bloggers tend to get stuck thinking that their blogging income comes from their site alone (sponsored posts, advertisements, etc.) The bloggers who are able to take their business full-time are those who find alternative streams of revenue. Melyssa from The Nectar Collective provides tips on how to draw income from your blog.

A Breakdown of Social Media Platforms and Their Uses
A comprehensive, helpful and clear breakdown of the most popular social media platforms, how to use them, why to use them, when to use them and more. Even the social media pros can benefit from this article!

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