Five Friday Links: The Super-Achiever

We can’t believe this is the last Friday in July – where has the month gone? We have a great list of links for you today with topics ranging from how to become a ‘super-achiever’ to the importance of sleeping more. We hope you enjoy them!

A Phycologist Explains How Successful People Do More in a Day than Others Do in a Week
Have you heard the term “super-achiever?” It’s used to describe people who are able to take on many tasks at once like working full-time, taking care of a family, exercising regularly, volunteering, sitting on a board and still managing to write a solid business plan and move towards launching a business. These individuals have the same amount of hours in the day as the rest of us, so how are they able to get so much done? This article explains how to live like a “super-achiever” and make the most of your time.

How to Succeed? Get More Sleep
Does this sound familiar? You stayed up far too late to meet a deadline and then floated through the next day in an over-caffeinated, fatigued haze only to do it all over again that night? For many people, sleep deprivation = hard work = success, but Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, begs to differ. In this short talk, she shares her insight on how she believes getting a good night’s sleep can increase productivity and happiness.

How Jessica Alba Proved Her Doubters Wrong
Most of us recognize Jessica Alba from the red carpet, but this Hollywood icon has been up to bigger things in the past few years than starring in films. Before launching her $1 billion dollar business, The Honest Company, Jessica received pushback from her colleagues, friends and family, who encouraged her to become “the face of a new perfume” rather than pursue her entrepreneurial dream. Read how Jessica proved everyone wrong.

5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask About Success
What does ‘success’ mean to you? Not one of our instinctual basic needs, this simple six letter word is defined differently by different people. For example, some entrepreneurs would consider a certain revenue amount successful while others would define it as stability. This article offers five questions for entrepreneurs to ask themselves about what success truly means.

Entrepreneurship and Perfectionism Can be a Toxic Combination
“We figure we have to build 100% solutions. We want things to be perfect, perfect, perfect before we put them to market. Once we feel comfortable enough to release something, customers have moved on.”

At what point do entrepreneurs need to step away from perfecting their product and start selling it? This article suggests that working towards creating a ‘flawless’ product is not only detrimental to an entrepreneur’s wallet but can also cause a great idea to flop.

Have a great weekend!

– Ashley Wood