Five Friday Links: Show Me the Money!

Happy Friday! As we prepare for the last long weekend of the summer, here’s our five link list for some weekend reading material:What’s Coming Up in September
In case you missed our blog post earlier this week, here is a list of learning opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Manitoba throughout the month of September. Along with our Welcome to Business seminar and Business Plan Development Workshop Series, there’s a wide variety of seminars, festivals, conferences and workshops. If you’re feeling like going ‘back-to-school’, check it out!

Minimalist Baker’s Blogger Resources
The Minimalist Baker is one of the most popular food blogs on the Internet so they must be doing something right! Along with great content, John, the technical whiz of the duo, is also a skilled computer programmer and graciously shares tips and tricks for bloggers. Although this list is directed to food bloggers, it provides learning opportunities for everyone.

Please Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk
It’s a really busy day, too busy to take a lunchbreak. Sound familiar? Many of us are guilty of  eating lunch at our desk while attempting to finish more work. According to this article, the “sad desk lunch” is not only harmful to our health but also to our productivity.

Show Me the Money: Why Canadian Women Need to Stop Working for Free
All too often, women give away their time, resources and services without getting anything in return. Freelance writer and speaker, Janet Murray, believes we’re living in “a world of freebies” and shares her approach when asked to provide her services for free.
Why Comparison is Damaging Your Creative Potential (and How to Get Over It)
The line between admiration and comparison can be fine, but once stepped over, the slope is slippery and potentially damaging. Writer and contributor, Christy O’Shoney, shares why comparing yourself to others is harmful to your creativity and how to avoid doing it.

If you have any links of interest to women entrepreneurs that you’d like to share, we’d love to read them! Please post them below in the comment section.

Have a great long weekend!

– Ashley Wood