Five Friday Links: ‘People with Passion Can Change the World.’


Happy Friday, everyone!

We hope you had a great week and are looking forward to a restful, rejuvenating weekend ahead. Here is our weekly roundup of links that we hope pique your interest!

As Steve Jobs Once Said, ‘People with Passion Can Change the World’
Passionate people radiate energy that touches everyone around them and this article articulates that about entrepreneurs very well. Although the title gives the impression this piece is about Steve Jobs, other successful business owners, like Maxine Clark, the founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop are mentioned as well. Passion is everything and this article is a feel-good read for a Friday afternoon.

Oh, Shut Up and Listen Already
In the fast-paced world of social media, smartphones and jammed packed schedules, the ability to listen is getting lost. I like this article because it offers advice on how to become a better listener as well as how to ask others to listen to you.

How to Make Money Online: The Basics
In today’s market, many people are choosing to sell their products online as opposed to having an actual store front. Ecommerce is cost effective, may be less risky and provides schedule flexibility for the entrepreneur. This article illustrates five key points to successfully selling product online.

Women Entrepreneurs ‘the Largest Emerging Market in the World’
I recently learned from a few of our followers on Twitter that some women are hesitant to move forward with their business ideas or grow their existing businesses because they fear success. This article reminded me of that conversation, especially the point about ‘the three C’s’. 

CSR: Your Responsibility for a Greener Business
Corporate Social Responsibility has not only become a pressing issue for small and large businesses, it’s also trendy – for good reason. This post provides suggestions that you may apply to your business to ensure you’re not only doing your part to protect our planet, but saving some money, too.

Have a great weekend!

– Ashley Wood