Five Friday Links: New Year’s Resolutions in September?

Happy Friday!

We hope you had a successful week and are preparing for a relaxing (or equally successful) weekend ahead! We encourage you to take some time for yourself. Put your feet up, relax and enjoy our weekly Five Friday Links:

Six Reasons to Set New Year’s Resolutions in September
Most of us set our New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st, naturally, because it’s the first day of the New Year. But perhaps we should be following the ‘back-to-school’ feeling and establishing new goals and challenges in September instead. This article explains why.

From Yoga Girl to Business Woman
If you’re on Instagram and even a little bit interested in yoga, you’ve probably heard of ‘Yoga Girl’ aka Rachel Brathen. As one of the first yogis to use social media to build a very successful business, Rachel  now lives in Aruba with her husband and many dogs. How did she do it? Read more to find out.

Pros Do This One Thing Every Day to Guarantee Success
What is the secret to success? This sounds like a complicated question with a lengthy answer. Is there really  one secret to success? According to this article probably not, but there may be a recipe…

Tips for Young Entrepreneurs
In this short clip, from The Marilyn Show, Marilyn Dennis along with entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Kevin O’Leary, join a panel of financial experts who provide young Canadian entrepreneurs advice on their unique business ventures.

In Pictures: Meet the Female Entrepreneurs of the Industry
This article is for all the women in the male dominated restaurant industry that may be feeling a little lonely – rest assured, you’re not alone. In this beautifully curated piece, twelve women behind some of UK’s top restaurants share their stories.

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– Ashley Wood