Five Friday Links: New Farmer’s Market!



We hope you’re having a great day and are ready for a sunny (hopefully) weekend ahead. As always, we have a collection of links for you to check out, starting with an exciting new event happening in Winnipeg this afternoon!

New Farmer’s Market Series to Hit Exchange District Alleyways
If there’s one thing Winnipeggers know how to do well, it’s celebrate summer! Part of our summer celebrations are farmer’s markets and starting today, there’s a new one popping up downtown in the Exchange District alleyways. This is wonderful for women entrepreneurs because it provides them another venue to share their talents. The first market, or “Market One”, will feature Hearts and Roots, Pop Cart, Dairy Fairy,Beeproject Apiaries, Island Girl and Shut Ur Pie Hole!

14 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day
Are your ‘to-do’ lists actually inhibiting your maximum level of productivity? Do you find you’re constantly staying at the office past dinnertime just to get work finished? This Entrepreneur Magazine article lists fourteen habits of successful people that may surprise you.

How Brick-and-Mortar Storefronts Boost Sales for Online Retailers
In a time when the digital world seems like the place to be, many brick and mortar owners may be wondering about their place in the market. Thankfully though, there’s a place for both online retailers and traditional storefronts. This Canadian Business article explains how the two can work hand-in-hand to maximize sales potential.

How to Keep Writing When You Want to Quit
This post is for bloggers. How many times have you struggled with writers block and questioned if the time you’re dedicating to your project is worth it? Professional, full-time writer Ali Luke walks you through an exercise to help you evaluate if your time is being well spent and how to get past the ‘I want to quit’ moments.

Don’t Underestimate Starting Small
Progress over perfection. Are you afraid of giving your business a go because you fear you’re starting too small? Everyone starts somewhere, even the biggest, most successful businesses had to start from the bottom! In this article, Jamie Starcevich, owner of the graphic design studio Spruce Rd., shares the story of how her business started.

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Have a great weekend!