Five Friday Links: It’s All in the Details


Happy Friday! We hope you had a great week! We have a treat for you today. Our Five Friday Links are actually six today. We’ve snuck in an extra one for those looking to become digitally savvy!

How to Use Periscope Like a Boss
Periscope is a relatively new social media platform but the number of users are increasing  all the time. If you’re interested in telling your business story through video but don’t have the time to commit to YouTube or Vimeo, this article will get you started on Periscope.

How to Create a YouTube Account for Business
Maybe you are ready for YouTube after all. It is one of the fastest and most successful promotional tools online right now. Many businesses are either creating their own videos, working with influencers or purchasing ad space before videos. If you’re thinking about trying it out, this step-by-step guide will help you set up your channel.

8 Habits of Insanely Successful Women
When it comes to efficiency and productivity, the smallest (positive) habits can make the world of difference. Although the habits suggested in this article aren’t groundbreaking, they’re important to practice consistently to see positive results.

Why Details Matter: How Little Things Add Up
Big picture planning is crucial for business longevity and success, but it’s equally as important to not forget about the small details. From positive interactions with your customers to preventing larger problems in the future, this article talks  about why the little things in business really do matter.

Every Scalable Business Has These 9 Things in Common: Lessons from the Circular Summit
A few weeks ago, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Kim Lachance Shandrow attended the inaugural Circular Summit in Houston and  is sharing the lessons she learned. These are the highlights she took away  from the event.

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Have a great weekend!