Five Friday Links: How to Stop Playing Entrepreneurship and Start Getting Serious About Your Business


Happy Friday!

Nothing ‘foolish’ today. This  list of links will keep you informed on various business topics ranging from changes on Instagram and the recent Twitter announcement to the importance of trade missions in growing your business.

6 Ways the Changes in Instagram’s Feed Will Impact Brands
Late Monday night, Instagram made big changes to their algorithm. Rather than seeing every post by every account in a user’s  newsfeed, Instagram now chooses posts they believe are most “interesting” to the user. Small business owners were worried how this change would affect their Instagram marketing. This Social Times post indicates that the change may actually help users grow their brand. Read more to find out why.

Work-Life Balance: An Annoyingly Stubborn Idea That Just Won’t Quit
Does work-life balance apply to everyone or just 9-5 workers? Should entrepreneurs be striving for the same kind of balance, even though the work they do is both their passion and their job? Journalist and broadcaster Jesse Brown suggests that the real goal isn’t balance, it’s “flow”.

Twitter Won’t Increase the Character Limit of Tweets After All
After months of speculation, Twitter announced that their 140 character limit is staying. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey believes the character constraint is important for the conversational format of the platform. What do you think?

Three Reasons Why Trade Missions are Great for Your Growing Business
Our colleagues at Alberta Women Entrepreneurs talk about why  trade missions are a great way for women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses! With missions to Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida coming up in June, this article is worth the read.

How to Stop Playing at Entrepreneurship and Get Serious about Your Business
Are you “playing” business, or are you all-in? Lisa Abeyta, founder and CEO of APPCityLife, provides a list of questions for struggling entrepreneurs to ask themselves. She doesn’t promise they’ll be easy to answer, but they may help in problem discovery.
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