Five Friday Links: Earlybird for Third + Bird!


Happy Friday! We hope your week was successful, happy and healthy and that you’re looking forward to the weekend ahead. As always, we have a special list of links for you!

Third + Bird Early Bird Ticket Sales
We love the Third + Bird because they bring together so many talented and successful women entrepreneurs under one roof. Since the tickets usually sell out very quickly, the ladies of Third + Bird are selling early bird passes again starting TODAY.  Click the link for more details.

6 Types of Facebook Ads that Will Win Customers and Keep Them Coming Back
Facebook is set up in such way that businesses have to spend money on ads in order for their content to be viewed by followers. What goes into making an attractive and successful ad campaign? Check out these tips by Shopify.

Tips for Pitching to Financiers and Investors
The quest for financing can be challenging for any start-up and pitching to investors can often be intimidating. Preparing before pitching is so important and these four tips by Alex Tveit written for Futurepreneur may be helpful.

9 Marketing Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers
Although quality over quantity in followers is usually the goal for creating a successful social media platform (especially with Instagram’s new algorithm), in order to find those quality followers one needs more followers! If you’re looking for more followers, these tips should help.

5 Survival Tips for Young Entrepreneurs
Since all businesses are different, there isn’t one definitive  “How to Survive as an Entrepreneur” handbook. There are however some tips that may help an entrepreneur achieve success sooner. Joe Speiser, co-founder and CEO of LittleThings shares his entrepreneurial survival tips in this Inc. article.

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Have a great weekend!