Five Friday Links: Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs


Happy Friday! As you prepare to enjoy the long weekend, here is some inspirational reading for the days ahead!

Lee Meagher of Winnipeg Named One of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs
Earlier this week, Lee Meagher, founder of Scootaround was included on the list of W100: Canada’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs! This CBC article tells Lee’s story. You can also learn more from this Winnipeg Free Press article, published earlier this week.

A Life Before Her Eyes
“It was hard; we were placed in huts with no indoor plumbing or electricity,” she says, mentioning malaria was also a concern and nobody in the camp ever felt completely safe. A story of determination, courage and strength, Meron Gebrit, owner of Specs Appeal in Winnipeg, discusses her difficult journey from Ethiopia to Eritrea before finally building a life in Canada.

I Wanna Take The Plunge! Q&A Session from the Studio
Australian freelancer, Tess Guinery, answers the questions that most creatives have when it comes to leaving a fulltime job to freelance  for a living. She answers from her personal opinion and perspective, offering advice and guidance to those wanting to take the plunge!

6 Canadian Women Who Are Rocking the Business World
More and more young women are choosing to work for themselves. This inspiring read features six young Canadians, their businesses and how they’re building their success.

How Tonia Jashan Built Steeped Tea into a Huge Retail Empire
With annual sales of more than $20 million, it’s no doubt that Tonia Jashan, founder of Steeped Tea, garnered the number one spot in the 2016 W100 top Canadian entrepreneur list. Read how one travel souvenir changed her life forever.

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