Five Friday Links: Breakfast with the Boss

Happy Friday! After a few busy weeks of exciting events at the Centre (SHEday 2016 and MBlog 2016), it feels great to be back into our link round-up routine. We hope you have a great weekend and find some time to cruise through these inspirational links.Breakfast with the Boss – Suzanne Gessler
We’ve been excited about  Pennyloaf Bakery since we saw her large brick oven that bakes old-world style bread. Read more about Suzanne’s journey as an entrepreneur in this interview in the Corydon Times.4 Ways Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Conquer Anxiety and Fear
Going into business takes a lot of work and can often brings with it anxious moments. What do you do when your anxiety is getting to the best of you? In this Huffington Post article, writer Taylor Gordon explains four ways to push past the self-doubts and onto the success.

Avoid the Perfectionism Trap
In an excerpt from her latest book, Big Magic, writer Elizabeth Gilbert explains why it’s important (for women especially) to avoid falling into the perfectionism trap. While this short piece isn’t about an entrepreneur, the advice can be applied to women in business.

How Meditating Made Me a More Effective Entrepreneur
Now that we’re into a new year, many are focusing on ways to improve themselves, their relationships and their businesses. This interesting article from offers a perspective that perhaps you’d like to try: meditation.

Three Manitoba Mompreneur Finalists in the Mompreneur Awards
We’re very excited to see Manitoba entrepreneur Colleen Dyck, owner of GORP Clean Energy Bars, as one of the finalists in the Canada-wide Mompreneur Awards. Watch her explain her product to Global TV host Holly Alexandruk in this short interview. Go Colleen!

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the lovely weather!

– Ashley Wood