Five Friday Links: A Guide to Marketing Your Business on Instagram


September is flying by! We cannot believe we’re half way through the month already. Our collection of links for the week includes stories, tips and inspiration for women entrepreneurs. Take a peek!

Why This Vancouver Online Food Delivery Service Opened a Storefront
More and more grocery stores are moving away from brick and mortar shops and turning to online food delivery but Peter van Stolk, CEO of online grocery service, Spud, is doing the opposite. Stolk says it came down to a question of logistics and technology and that at the end of the day, he has “lower waste and fresher produce.”

11 Extremely Successful People Share Their Best Productivity Hacks
If only we had more hours in the day, it would be easier to get everything done. Have you said this line before? Perhaps the productivity hacks that these successful people share will help you maximize the time you do have!

Dare to Disagree: Margaret Heffernan
Should you and your business partner always agree? Do you avoid criticisms and healthy debates? In this short Ted Talk, Margaret Heffernan, former CEO of five businesses, argues that the “all-too-human thought processes” of avoiding conflict can cause managers and business owners to not reach their full potential.

The Definite Guide to Marketing Your Business on Instagram
Instagram has become one the most widely used social media platforms around the world. It’s completely free and allows busineses to tell their company’s story through photos of their products and their daily lives. If your business isn’t taking advantage of this visual marketing tool, you may want to consider doing so. This guide offers all the information you need to start.

7 Traits of Great Mentors
Although it may be difficult to find a great mentor, having one can be extremely beneficial to business owners and entrepreneurs. This article offers seven traits of great mentors and can hopefully act as a guideline on what to look for in someone when you’re in need of a mentor.

We hope you enjoyed our Five Friday Links this week. Have a great weekend and take care!

– Ashley Wood