Five Friday Links: A 6-Hour Work Day?

Happy Friday!We hope you had a wonderful, productive and successful week. Today’s links will provide you with insight on how you may be able to create a more productive and happy environment for your team. We’ve also included some tips for success. We hope you enjoy them!

What’s Coming Up in November
In case you missed it, earlier this week we shared a list of the training options and events happening both at the Centre and throughout the province this month. This list will be updated as we learn about more events so please feel free to continue referencing it. If we have missed any, please let us know!

Sweden is Shifting to a 6-Hour Work Day
Is working six hours per day more effective than working eight? Thinking big picture, would employees get more accomplished in a 30-hour week rather than a 40-hour week? Could this model be used in Canada and what impact would it have on business owners? Consider these questions while reading about Sweden’s switchto a six hour workday to maximize productivity.

10 Questions to Assess Your Motivational Skills
As a leader, maintaining motivation in your team may be challenging. Check out these self-assessment questions that all leaders can use to reflect on their motivational habits.

Best Employers 2016: The Top Companies People Love Working For
Canadian Business has complied their second annual list of Best Employers in Canada. These companies ranked in the top 25% for employee engagement among the companies surveyed this year. , What are these  businesses doing that you could be apply to your business?

Job Expectations Around the World: What Do People Care About Most?
According to a 2015 State of Inbound report prepared by Hubspot, , employee perks like tuition and childcare were at the bottom of the priority list in every region of the world. This article explores what employees are looking for in a job and may provide you with insight on perks you can provide to your staff.

Have a great week!

– Ashley Wood