Facebook Design, Quick Tips

Simple changes and updates to your Facebook page can make the world of a difference. Your Facebook design should reflect professionalism, creativity and of course, your brand. Quality is essential for showing professionalism, and if you have grainy or blurry images, it’s difficult to take a business page seriously.

Luckily these changes are fairly simple and quick to make! Start with this list and watch your Facebook page improve right before your eyes.

  1. Resize, resize, resize. You don’t want your page to look messy with different sized images and lots of ‘grey space’. You want every (or close to every) photo you upload to completely fit the space and be the recommend size of 504 x 504 pixels.
  2. Keep an eye on which colours and photos you are choosing for your timeline. If you tend to use cartoon images, don’t throw in a photograph (and vice versa). Try to keep with colours that complement or match your brand.
  3. Decide carefully if you should watermark a photo. Did you take this photo and is it something you want branded with your logo?
  4. Create a high quality cover photo using photoshop. Use the exact recommended dimensions of 851 x 315 pixels, or else your image will stretch and distort. Make sure you place your text wisely as some of the cover photo will be cut off by your profile photo and descriptions. Save to web and devices on photoshop as a PNG!
  5. The same rule of dimension applies to your profile photo. It must be at least 160 x 160, but I recommend making it larger (still square) as Facebook often diminishes the quality once it is uploaded. Save to web and devices on photoshop as a PNG and you should be good to go!