Enter Our Live Local Video Contest

Contest Description:

Live Local is a video initiative to support the local economy by raising awareness of the diversity of women-owned and -partnered businesses throughout Manitoba, and to encourage a “buy local” response from residents province-wide.

The Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba (WECM) is inviting women business owners across the province to create and submit a 1.5-minute video which will showcase their business and inspire Manitobans to shop local and support the growth of our economy.

WECM will post and host the winning video stories on all our social media outlets and encourage entrepreneurs to re-post the entries and spread the word. This exponential exposure to businesses across Manitoba will have a great impact not only on the economy but will serve to build strong community ties.

The contest is open to all women business owners in Manitoba. This is your time to shine! To enter simply create a short, creative, and informative video (maximum 1.5-minutes long) that tells a compelling story of why Manitobans should shop with you.

How to Enter:

  1. Check out the Links and Resources below or go to WECM’s YouTube page!


  1. Create a 1.5-minute video (or less) showcasing your business services and/or products.
  • Tell us why Manitobans should shop at your business.
  • Tell us where in Manitoba you are located and how customers can best shop with you whether in-person or online.


  1. Submit your video to this Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/6cTVF0meut2BBUCUoRY9 with the file name “LiveLocalVideoFIRSTLAST” with your first and last name in capitals. For example, the file name should read: “LiveLocalVideoJANESMITH”.


4. Winners will be selected each week from:

  • November 8 to 14 (cut off for submissions is Nov 14 at 11:59 PM with the Prize being awarded on Nov 15)
  • November 15 to 21 (cut off for submissions is Nov 21 at 11:59 PM with the Prize being awarded on Nov 22)
  • November 22 to 28 (cut off for submissions is Nov 28 at 11:59 PM with the Prize being awarded on Nov 29)
  • November 29 to December 5 (cut off for submissions is Dec 5 at 11:59 PM with the Prize being awarded on Dec 6)
  • December 6 to 12 (cut off for submissions is Dec 12 at 11:59 PM with the Prize being awarded on Dec 13)
  • December 13 to 19 (cut off for submissions is Dec 19 at 11:59 PM with the Prize being awarded on Dec 20). *PLEASE NOTE: we will only accept one video submission per business for the contest duration.


Each week a $250 Cash Prize and a 1-Hour Business Coaching session with a qualified coach will be awarded to the weekly winning entry and all winning entries will qualify for the Grand Prize of $1,000 to be drawn on December 20, 2021.  We will be looking for:

  • Clarity of message
  • Compelling pitch including “buy local” angle
  • Overall audio/video quality


Contest Guidelines:

  1. To enter the contest, the applicant must be a woman who owns at least 50% of a business in Manitoba.
  2. Only one video submission per applicant is permitted.
  3. Submissions are considered final upon receipt by WECM.
  4. The video must portray your business idea in a creative and clear manner.
  5. The submitted video can be no longer than 1.5-minutes (it can be less).
  6. Please do not refer to the contest within your video.
  7. Content must be appropriate. Videos must not be unlawful, disrespectful, harmful, or degrading to others.
  8. Video entries must be created by the person who owns the business and has uploaded and submitted them (submissions are not intended to be “professionally” produced videos).
  9. Winner(s) will be announced, and prizes will be awarded as per the stated schedule.
  10. Contest rules and dates may be subject to change.


WECM Publicity & Social Media Exposure:

Confirming Video Acknowledgement and Release by Participant Upon Submission:

“I hereby acknowledge that all rights, title, and interest in the video of which I have submitted to the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba Inc., being original works, belong to the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba Inc.

I hereby release the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba Inc. for all claims which I may have now or in the future for compensation of any kind arising out of my participation in the said video and acknowledge that the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba Inc. may use the video only for promotion and for documentation purposes at their discretion.”


Links and Resources:

  • Setting Your Compass” video by Cate Friesen a skilled story practitioner, Fast Pitch coach, facilitator, trainer, and presenter. Cate has created a short video that you can access here any time for great ideas on how to tell your business story.
  • Enter WECM’s Live Local Video Contest!” video by Victoria Moss WECM’s social media guru. Vic will take you through the contest details in this short video.
  • Tips For Creating Your Live Local Contest Video” video by Claire Normandeau and Meg Mosiuk, both part of WECM’s Client Services Team. They will show you some quick and easy tips for you to make a great video on your phone.

Setting Your Compass
Setting Your Compass
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Leveraging Your Compass - 4 Tips
Leveraging Your Compass - 4 Tips
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