Enhancing Your Business with Etsy

Do you sell handmade, vintage or craft supply products? Are you looking to start selling online? Etsy is a great place to start.

With no monthly fees, Etsy requires little to no investment to list your items. Each item costs only 20 cents to list, and if it sells, Etsy takes a fee of 3.5% of your selling price. Etsy rules dictate that you can only sell items that are handmade, vintage or craft supplies. You can not re-sell handmade items that someone else has made. You must be designing or making your items (or both). If you partner with a manufacturer for production, you need to fill out a special application, found here.

A great perk to listing on Etsy is the huge user base that the website boasts. People using the search tool can come across your product and you can also choose to promote your item for up to $5 per day. Etsy offers a function where you can add items found on Etsy to a wishlist or treasury. Treasuries may have a theme or simply be a shopping guideline for a particular person (example: Awesome Gift Ideas for Dad). Since wishlists and treasuries can be seen by other users, having your item included in one is a great, free marketing tool.


Screenshot from Hoshii Designs from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Quick Tips

1. Clear, concise photography is a must for Etsy. Try shooting your product in natural light for the best results.

2. You can choose direct deposit into your bank account, or use paypal for payment. Check with your bank and paypal account for any associated fees with accepting payment.

3. Be sure to include accurate shipping rates. Take the time to go to your post office to check how much your product costs to ship, and consider offering multiple options for more expensive shipping with tracking.

4. On the topic of shipping, consider your packaging design. Attractive packaging makes a lasting impression!

5. Include a detailed description of your product and include that the colour of the item may vary depending on monitor screens.

6. Do not open your store until you have set your store policies to ensure that you will have no problems with returns, lost shipments, etc.

Are you ready to sell? The Winnipeg Etsy Street Team is an excellent resource of networking and information!

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