Embracing Change

I’ve been thinking a lot about change recently. A conversation with one of my colleagues made me wonder whether you get to a point where you can no longer change, or do you continuously change but the changes are so small and gradual that you don’t realize they are happening – perhaps leading us to believe that we don’t change at all.I’ve experienced a lot of change in the last six years: I lost a job, and found a much better position; lost my life partner, and am learning to live and do things on my own; dealt with three serious health issues, and have come through very well; lost a considerable amount of weight and have become much more active. These changes were significant and made me realize that if I am open to the changes taking place, often something good follows.

As in our personal lives, change is a constant in business. While significant changes don’t go unnoticed, it is the small evolutions that can sneak up and sometimes bring with them unpleasant surprises. As a business owner, there are some key ways to help you keep up with change:

  • Make a point of being on top of your financial information. The sooner you spot changes in your financial picture, the sooner you can make adjustments or take advantage of opportunities.
  • Engage with your industry associations and professional organizations so that you are up-to-date on industry news and developments.
  • Continue to network and connect with other business owners so that you are aware of the bigger business and economic pictures.
  • Connect with a business advisor at the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba if you have questions or concerns about your business.

The key to success is managing change. Embrace it; be transparent with your team by letting them know what it will be and why it is coming; and where possible include them in the process.

– Cathie Clement