Distant Elephants

We hit the ground running after the Christmas break. There were seminars on the schedule, Business Breakfasts to organize and almost 800 women signed up for last Friday’s SHEday. With all these events come a mountain of details. On top of that, I had a blog to write…I knew the blog was coming, it had been on the schedule for weeks but ‘distant elephants seem quite small’. I put it off because the immediate details of other events were the priority…at the time. Now the blog is late and the schedule we so carefully crafted is off kilter.

It has been drilled into us: maintaining a consistent online presence is a key element to successfully marketing your business and brand. If that is the case, why is it the one thing that often ends up at the bottom of the To Do List?

The answer: content. What am I going to write about? Is this relevant to my readers? Should I write about personal stuff or just business topics? How often should I be posting? The questions go on and on.

If you are like me and need some guidance on what to write about, not only blogs but all the other social media platforms that we maintain for our businesses, think about joining me on Saturday, January 23 for MBlog 2016.

Business strategist and online expert Kyla Roma is going to lead us through the half-day session A Year of Value-Based Online Content that will result in 52 weeks of content that is in line with your strategic goals. Not only will you leave with a wealth of ideas, you will gain the confidence to effectively manage your online platforms.

I’m looking forward to Saturday and finally getting ahead in the online game!

– Alison Kirkland