Ultimate Music Theory Ltd.

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Ultimate Music Theory Ltd. is a music education program created by Glory St. Germain - Founder/CEO. International distribution of the Ultimate Music Theory Workbook Program, Music Theory App, Online Courses, Certification Courses for teachers, UMT Membership & Coaching.

Glory St. Germain is the Founder of the Magic Of Music Movement -Transforming The World And Impacting Lives One Note At A Time.

Glory is an International Bestselling Author in The Power Of Why Series (an anthology of global authors), and Author/Publisher of 50+ Books in the Ultimate Music Theory Series. She is the Host of the Global Summit Series, Course Creator, Coach, and Music Educator Business Expert.

Glory is the Founder of the UMTC ELITE EDUCATOR PROGRAM - A Business Accelerator for Teachers in Knowledge and Expert Strategies to run their successful music studios. Empowering Educators so they can Elevate Their Income, Impact Their Teaching and Build Their Expert Music Business (while enjoying personal time for self-care, family, and pursuing other passions).

Glory is a Registered Music Teacher and runs a successful studio teaching Piano and Music Theory. She is an NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), taught Music for Young Children for over 20 years, and has served in various positions to support music education organizations. Glory has spoken on many international stages presenting workshops and is passionate about Enriching Lives Through Music Education.

Glory loves learning and especially loves books on business and psychology. Mindset is a subject she believes has the potential to change our outcomes. Mindset is limited only by our own thinking. She is a Positive Mental Attitude Advocate and strongly believes that we need to see mindset as a priority, not only for ourselves but also for how we help others think, learn and grow.

Glory is married to Ray St. Germain, a professional multi-award-winning entertainer and Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductee. They have 5 musically talented children, 7 grandchildren and the family continues to grow.

Glory Lives Her Life With Gratitude serving others in the Magic Of Music Movement.

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