mokada custom jewelry design studio inc.

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Mokada Custom Jewelry Design Studio was founded as an alternative to overpriced, traditional jewelry options.

Jewelry is an extension of one’s personality and Mokada believes that no one should be made to feel rushed, pressured or limited when making such an important decision.

For that reason relaxed one-on-one appointments in our private setting are interactive. You tell us your story. You are our boss. Your intimate involvement in the design process will leave everyone with a proud sense of ownership. Mokada will make recommendations, educate and impart subject matter expertise but your creative experience and satisfaction is paramount.

Unwavering attention to detail, unrivaled customer service and friendship results in a jewelry studio that customers can trust with their hopes, their dreams, and their most special moments.


1-530 Waterfront Blvd. Winnipeg R3B 0N4

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