Janice Gair Executive Coaching & Consulting Ltd.

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I provide executive coaching services specialized for new leaders and entrepreneurs.

You are effective. You think strategically, create a vision and drive your business forward. You achieve results. It’s what you do. But somehow, you think could do better.

That’s why you need me.

I help you focus forward. I bring out the inherent brilliance in people I serve so they can serve themselves and their teams.

As your thinking partner, I can help to create focus and accountability to ensure you advance those difficult goals in a timely manner. Developing your coaching plan around long-term, strategic activities and implementing a regular meeting schedule with me will ensure that you address these goals and move them forward. We will deeply explore what’s holding you back, efficiently determine a path forward, ensure you are accountable to yourself, and empower you to progress. Advance yourself to the next level.

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