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Holding Space for the liberation and sovereignty of ALL people. It’s what we do when a friend is lost in a sea of grief. It’s what we do when a relationship is in crisis. It’s what we do when we’re trying to decide the future of a business. It’s what we do when our community is in conflict. It’s what we do when we need to work through big issues like racism, classism, sexism, or ableism. Holding Space is the way we show up, the way we release control,the way we learn to trust in each other’s wisdom and autonomy, and the way we stay present in the midst of disruption.

In a world that feels increasingly complex, with a future that feels increasingly unfamiliar, there is a critical need for more people to grow the capacity to hold space for themselves and others. There is a critical need for people who know how to stay present in the mess and discomfort of liminal space.

At the Centre for Holding Space, we equip people with the skills they need. We walk with them through their discomfort, we help them to see what’s limiting them, we guide them in deepening their trust and compassion, and we encourage them as they practice the art of holding space. In the meantime, we also grow the worldwide community, bringing people together so that our capacity, our compassion, and our strength multiply.

We believe that when people are equipped with the capacity to hold space, transformation happens and we ALL find our way toward greater freedom, possibility, and connection. It’s not easy work. It’s not pie-in-the-sky idealism. It’s not magical thinking. It’s complex, it’s uncomfortable, it’s vulnerable, and it’s deep. But it’s worth it.

Holding Space is for the liberation and sovereignty of ALL people. Meaningful conversations. Deep connection. Personal and collective growth.

We want you to join our community. We want you to join us on
this journey as we collectively grow our ability to hold space.

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