Client Spotlight: Olen Skin Care

Majda Ficko’s son, Demitri, was born with a rare syndrome, Cornelia de Lange. Since his birth, he has been in diapers 24/7.  

This forced Majda to learn more than she ever imagined she would about diaper rash – and what she learned very quickly was that there was not a single diaper rash cream on the market that worked as effectively as it promised.  

So, she made her own.  

Working with a Consulting Research Chemist, Majda modified the formulation that hospitals use in their prescription creams – the only ones that ever worked for her son – ensuring that all the ingredients were natural. The cream worked so well that the doctors who cared for Demitri encouraged Majda to sell it.     

Majda started working with WECM in early 2011 when first growing her company, Olen Skin Care, and she says WECM was instrumental in her success – specifically in launching Baby Butz diaper rash cream. 

“I’ve worked with the Centre’s advisors and Heather Stephens, WECM Loans Manager, to secure four loans that have helped me achieve my goals,” she said. “Heather is very knowledgeable and helpful and actually sees the big picture of my dreams and visions.” 

In addition to Baby Butz Cream, Olen Skin Care formulates and manufactures all-natural products for babies, children, and adults. Their product line includes SunbloczTM, a patented and certified environmentally safe sunscreen, and SupradermTM, a skin-soothing rash cream. 

When Majda launched Baby Butz, she was met with high demand from pediatricians and hospital neonatal units across Canada. Now, she’s expanding into the United States. 

“Olen Skin Care receives requests daily from US doctors for Baby Butz Cream samples to give to their patients,” Majda said. “WECM is helping to send out product samples to over 4,000 Pediatricians.” 

Majda has won several awards for her products and is currently in the process of expanding to include a full line of all-natural skin care products for global consumers. 

“I really appreciate the relationship I’ve developed with WECM over the years…and Heather is a big part of that,” Majda said.  

Check out Olen Skin Care’s full product line and read more about the Baby Butz story here.